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About Us

At Ford Motor Company Fund, we believe everyone deserves to progress in life. That is what drives us every day as we partner with community leaders and nonprofits to help meet the unique needs of under-resourced and underrepresented communities. As the philanthropic arm of Ford Motor Company, we co-create and invest in solutions to support communities across the U.S. and in more than 40 countries around the globe. Our work focuses on three impact areas: expanding access to essential services, education for the future of work and entrepreneurship.

Ford Foundation

Ford Fund and Ford Foundation are separate entities with no relationship to each other. Each operates independently.

The Ford family founded Ford Foundation in 1936. When Henry and Edsel died in the mid-1940s, their bequests made the foundation one of the largest in the world. Henry Ford II resigned from the Ford Foundation board in 1977 and the family remained uninvolved until Henry Ford III joined the board in 2019. 

Our Impact

Get Involved

Ford Volunteer Corps (United States)

Are you a Ford employee or retiree? Our team has worked with nonprofits to help curate volunteer projects for individuals or teams.

Ford Driving Skills for Life

Free online and hands-on driver training clinics that pair newly licensed drivers with professional instructors, focusing on the issues and obstacles drivers face.

Ford Resource and
Engagement Centers

Ford Resource and Engagement Centers are a Ford Fund innovation that bring nonprofits, residents and leaders together to support their neighborhoods. Since 2013, we have developed a global network of these facilities, with locations in Southwest Detroit and on the city’s East side, as well as in Craiova, Romania; Pretoria, South Africa; and Bangkok, Thailand — each one is unique in how it reflects the needs and culture of the community it serves.