Ford College Community Challenge


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Launched in: 2015
Application Timing: TBD

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In partnership with global nonprofit Enactus, Ford Fund invites student teams to develop ideas for innovative projects that address an unmet social need or problem in the local community—ranging from safety to workforce development to access to mobility, and more. Each year, up to four Enactus student teams are selected to receive a $4,500 USD grant to implement their project. Through this program, students use entrepreneurial action to make people’s lives better and help their community become a more sustainable place to work and live.

2019 Ford College Community Challenge Winning Projects

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Faculty of Science and Technics of Tangier: Tangier

Shine Space is a socio-educational project that offers guidance and orientation for high school students over several months. The project supports both the mental and professional development of students. In terms of disciplinary skills, the students gain a clear professional direction through coaching sessions and personalized tutoring. The students get to know themselves better, and they develop professionally and personally by identifying their strengths and evaluating their concordance with their future profession. Since knowledge comes from experience, experiential learning is highlighted through simulation workshops. At least 300 students participate in training each year and receive guidance in their journey. The Shine Space team and their alumni hub also support one another by delivering sessions on a mutually beneficial basis. So far, Enactus FST (Faculty of Science and Technics) Tangier has organized over 20 training sessions, impacted over 2,500 participants through a regional forum, leadership trips, Mandala sessions and other events both offline and online.

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Faculty of Technology of Mohammedia: Mohammedia

Ayur’s mission is to enlighten youth who live in isolated rural regions of Morocco. The project empowers families who manage inns by providing lodging for student travelers to help revive the local economy. The proect allows student travelers to share educational, cultural, arts and scientific knowledge through workshops with the young people of the region. The workshops allow for an exchange of ideas for both the travelers and the young students. The trips organized by Ayur are less expensive than others on the market due to partnerships with local associations. Ayur is an impact tourism service, where student and social entrepreneur travelers of Morocco benefit from housing and food service in exchange for one to two hours of teaching or mentoring locals, depending on their needs. Locals take care of the accommodations and housing, while the Enactus team’s enterprise takes care of all necessary provisions. Since March 2017, Enactus FT (Faculty of Technology) Mohammedia has organized 20 trips to different regions in Morocco, held 33 unique workshops and impacted 517 young people.

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Hassania School of Public Affairs (EHTP): Casablanca

The Elpida project aims to solve a cultural and social problem: the living conditions of nomadic people in Morocco. After the Enactus team visited a village near Ouarzazate, they discovered issues that threaten the existence of the nomadic lifestyle. To protect their families and animals against hard weather conditions, the nomadic people live in traditional tents and caves that do not satisfy their needs in terms of sealing or thermal insulation. The Elpida project designs and constructs low-cost tents that meet all the needs of the nomadic lifestyle. The tents are isothermal, demountable and stable against the winds. The business model for Elpida is based on two main activities. The first is the design and sale of Elpida tents with a personalized volume for an average price of 600Dh per square meter. The second is the rental of Elpida units for an average price of 60Dh per square meter per month. While other tents are available on the market, the Elpida tents provide superior thermic insulation and are portable.