21 October 2016
I am one of the lucky ones. I didn’t fall into my profession, I chose it. When you choose what…

21 October 2016
There is nothing more vital to the success of a child than proper nutrition. Growing up in and around Detroit…

09 September 2016
Squeezing one more trip to the beach in this weekend?

08 July 2016
One year ago, James Williams was a Ford Blue Oval Scholarship winner preparing to enter Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti…

15 June 2016
Nonprofits empower youth to propel change

15 June 2016
Reinforcing community with culture

15 June 2016
Turning homelessness experience into inspiration

Shaka Senghor, a criminal justice reform advocate, holding son

15 June 2016
Doing what’s right no matter the circumstances

18 May 2016
Overcoming obstacles for another shot at success

04 April 2016
“What I need from you is to create something that 10 years from now we can both be proud of,”…

25 March 2016
When torrential rainfall caused four days of major flooding in Chennai, India, Ford employees didn’t hesitate to lend a helping…

08 January 2016
If you believe the world is worse, now, than your social media Throwback Thursday’s tell the world, you aren’t alone…