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Young woman signing to a student with other students around

23 August 2017
Germany’s Café ohne Worte removes boundaries between deaf and hearing people

Two young ladies, one sitting, one standing, speaking in sign language to each other while smiling

23 August 2017
A growing number of businesses and communities are working to bridge the gap between hearing and deaf and hard-of-hearing people…

Man looking at the Good Turn app on his phone

18 July 2017
GoodTurn app makes nonprofits more mobile

Man in suit taking selfie with a classroom full of kids

07 June 2017
Nonprofits, companies join to lift kids through reading programs

Man in foreground with view of computer code on a screen and phone

07 June 2017
Functioning society needs more literate workers

Young adult female and young girl looking at a paper in hand

07 June 2017
Empowering educators to build a stronger, smarter future

Someone's hand holding a green iPod on the music screen

23 May 2017
Ford volunteers take part in a growing trend for treating hospice patients

10 May 2017
How 15 teen driving deaths in 15 months spurred a community into action

25 April 2017
Design thinking helps millennials grow: Ford’s Thirty Under 30 reflects on past class, looks forward to future

Young adult helping over student's shoulder in a classroom setting

30 November 2016
Ford makes STEAM Lab Curriculum available for classroom use

Students and young adult standing over a table filled with post-it notes while using a laptop computer

21 October 2016
It’s been called a hiring crisis in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. A study by Georgetown University…

Three students looking into a teachers hands while in a greenhouse showing purple flowers in the foreground

21 October 2016
Career academy drives pupil to her passion

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