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Colorful illustration of the word STEAM including icons of science and education related items

30 November 2018
Invention and community are at the heart of the Ford STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) High School Community…

Giant flock of sheep trying to cross a road backing up traffic

19 October 2018
From livestock to scooters, road challenges vary

Two male students holding their Ford Driving Skills certificates

19 October 2018
Giving drivers new skills through Ford DSFL

Three winners holding glass awards

19 October 2018
Numerous community leaders — from EMTs and police to politicians, media and nonprofit groups — have provided expertise and hands-on…

Women in suit jacket sitting at a table holding a pen to paper

02 October 2018
Hundreds of lawyers help those in need, improve their communities

Jim Vella handing a book to a local mother and baby

17 September 2018
A case for keeping Puerto Rico top of mind as 2018 hurricane season arrives

Women wearing red salvation army vest and sunglasses riding in the back of a pickup truck with a male resident

17 September 2018
Hurricane Maria brought forth lessons of humanity and a sense of community

Illustration of a briefcase, folders, and books

31 July 2018
1st-gen senior college student discovers leadership skills and meets her hero

Young girls dancing for an audience

05 June 2018
Gratitude for sanitation and improved health conditions

Women standing around a Driving skills car

08 May 2018
Saudi women take life-altering first step to receiving once-forbidden licenses

Students hand painting in a wood shop

10 April 2018
Homeless veterans find help in a village of tiny homes

10 April 2018
Ford Fund supports high school STEAM learning, housing for homeless vets

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