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Girl with hands by mouth filled with excitement

26 August 2020
Not everyone begins a career journey with a clear plan: Sometimes, we get a nudge from a friend or colleague…

Women shopping at a farmers market looking at a squash

26 August 2020
Whether impoverished or distressed, women use their experiences to bring dignity to the lives of others.

Diverse group of children sitting on the floor in a classroom setting

26 August 2020
Women don’t just chase after their dreams or the footsteps of their heroes. Oftentimes, they are influenced subtly and overtly…

08 July 2020
Pounded by pandemic, arts organizations craft new programs to maintain missions Table of Contents Costs of closing…

09 June 2020
In class? Online? Pandemic 101 requires higher education to learn on the fly

22 May 2020
Schools plug away at distance learning despite digital disconnect

22 April 2020
Thoughts from a Detroit resident on supporting one another during a pandemic

16 December 2019
From food rescue to plastic recycling, Ford brings together diverse nonprofits to benefit Bangkok residents

16 December 2019
Diverse backgrounds bring unique talents to the residents of Bangkok and nonprofit community

25 November 2019
Ford Fund teams up with Cass Community Social Services on freight and mobile farms

25 November 2019
Cass Community and Chef Matt Prentice continue building on years-long alliance

Female taking selfie while holding Driving Dreams certificate with male.

30 October 2019
Ford Fund marks 40 years of supporting Hispanic communities throughout the Americas

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