Impact Stories

First-person stories from people impacted by Ford Fund

Maurice A. Farr: Making a Difference

“I’m a people person. I’m a well-wisher. If I can help you personally, I will,” said Maurice A. Farr with a warm laugh that would put anyone at ease. Maurice drives a truck for the Salvation Army Bed & Bread program, one of Ford Fund’s long standing community partners in Detroit.

The Bed & Bread program bridges the gap in access to food, clothing, shelter and other essential resources in Detroit neighborhoods with the greatest need. Maurice and his team crisscross Detroit making stops along three different routes to deliver goods to upwards of 800 families and individuals each day, 365 days a year.

“It’s so important,” said Maurice. “You see the impact every day—the work is lifesaving. The people we meet every day are so grateful.” Maurice reflects on an interaction from last week while he and his team were handing out coats from the truck.

“One of the regulars along his route is unable to speak and they learned to communicate with each other over time. The gentleman was requesting a coat and then continued to gesture, pointing to his ring finger. He also needed a coat for his wife. Maurice watched the gentleman take the second coat to his wife. The gentleman returned to the truck, placed his hand on his heart and pointed to the sky. A blessing. Thank you.”

When we asked Maurice if there was one thing he would like people to know about the Bed & Bread program, he said, “the donations, the volunteers’ time, every bit matters here. It really matters. And it’s all put to good use—every contribution goes to support the people in these communities.”

The Bed & Bread program serves more than 1.3 million meals and provides more than 72,000 nights of shelter to those in need throughout the year. They are holding their annual fundraiser, The Salvation Army Bed & Bread Club Radiothon on Feb. 24, on WJR-AM. The goal is to raise $1.8M to support the purchase of new trucks and to continue the incredible work already happening in these communities.

You Can Give Back

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