Global Caring Month
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Each September, the Ford Volunteer Corps rallies employees to design their own volunteer projects as part of our annual month-long community service initiative, Global Caring Month. 
Employees choose an organization or community issue they care about and propose a unique volunteer project in partnership with a local nonprofit. Projects range from building homes or renovating schools, to cleaning up parks, installing clean water systems, distributing fresh food and more. 
Ford Fund will provide grants of up to $10,000 USD to selected nonprofit organizations for tools and supplies to complete the project. 
Proposals will be reviewed by Ford Fund and selected projects will be referred to GlobalGiving, Ford Fund’s international grant-making partner. 

Please complete the application with as much detail as possible and ensure that:

  • The nominated organization is a registered nonprofit
  • The organization is aware of the nomination and collaborates with you to complete the application
  • The information provided on the application is accurate
  • The project is feasible and will take place in September 2024
  • There is a plan to recruit Ford employee volunteers to execute the project
  • The project adheres to all health and safety guidelines set by the company and follows local market regulations.


Global Caring Month Timeline

Past Project Examples

In 2023, more than $805,000 USD in grant funding was provided to 126 employee-nominated nonprofits in 31 countries.

In Greenville, South Carolina, United States, a group of 25 Ford employees partnered with Meals on Wheels to prepare and package more than 1300 meal bags for local homebound citizens. 

“If you are looking to get involved, JUST DO IT! You will not regret your decision. I am grateful Ford allows employees to give back and make our presence felt in the community.”

Dawn Mills
Operations Process Analyst at Ford Credit and volunteer project lead

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ford employees partnered with the Argentina Club of Rome Foundation to repair an existing cistern and construct a new one for the community of Cerrata Paso. The project benefited more than 60 families with water collection and storage. Community members were also trained in installation and maintenance of the cisterns.

“Do not hesitate to participate. Being part of any project can be incredibly rewarding. Knowing that you are making a positive impact on people’s lives will leave you with a strong sense of purpose and fulfillment. Also, it allows you to acquire new skills and can expand your social and professional network.”

Julieta Rizzo Gobbi
ESG Coordinator at Ford and volunteer project lead 


Community Building and Beautification Icon
Community Building and Beautification
  • Tree planting 
  • Bench/park building 
  • Mural painting 
  • Debris cleanup 
  • Community gardens 
Diversity Icon
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Making buildings or facilities more accessible 
  • Creating equitable access to resources like transit, education and healthcare 
Economic Empowerment and Financial Education Icon
  • Skill-based training for entrepreneurs 
  • Access to technology or equipment through donation and education 
Education books Icon
  • School facility improvement 
  • Book donations and delivery 
  • Tutoring or mentorship 
  • STEM programs/camps 
Health and Wellness Icon
Health and Wellness
  • Planting and harvesting or educating on fresh foods/nutrition 
  • Building or improving access to health facilities 
Dinner Plate Icon
  • Food preparation and distribution 
  • Clothing distribution 
  • Shelter creation, improvement or beautification 
Mobility Icon
Leaning into Ford’s expertise, mobility themes will be considered as well and may include: 
  • Addressing transportation access through technology 
  • Alternate transportation solutions (e.g., bicycles) 
  • Infrastructure improvements 
Water Drop Icon
  • Installation of sanitation equipment 
  • Assembling hygiene kits 
  • Building or installing water treatment/access equipment for communities 
Youth and Senior Development Icon
Youth and Senior Development
  • Neighborhood transformation through beautification 
  • Safety programs for youth including pedestrian and driver safety 
  • Technology use training 
  • Youth/senior facility improvement 


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