Winter 2021, Spring/Summer 2021 Timeline

October 14, 2020
Nonprofit proposals due to Ford Fund

October 19, 2020
Ford Fund notifies nonprofits if their project has been selected to participate in 2020/2021 program

October 26, 2020
Nonprofit projects posted online for university collaboration

December 1, 2020
Deadline for universities to submit final project proposal to Ford Fund

December 11, 2020
Universities will receive project approval status from Ford Fund

Ford Community Corps is a unique program of the Ford Motor Company Fund that connects college and university students from a network of schools across Southeast Michigan with nonprofit organizations. Unlike traditional volunteer programs, Ford Community Corps matches students’ expertise with the skills required by a specific project, creating value for both the students and nonprofits as they work together to serve the community.

Students participating in Ford Community Corps apply skills they have developed on campus in a real-world environment and gain valuable insight into career options as they are exposed to the significant roles and responsibilities of nonprofit organizations. They also see firsthand the commitment Ford has to build to sustainable communities, and how their own participation is making a difference.

By partnering with innovative, passionate students and future leaders, nonprofits receive assistance developing solutions and new ideas that help the organization run more efficiently or expand their community programming.

We are excited about your interest in Ford Community Corps and believe that together, we can make our community stronger and provide lasting impact for generations to come.


  1. Nonprofits complete the proposal form describing a project that will incorporate practical skills and an environment of learning for potential students or class paired with the project.
  2. Ford Fund shares approved nonprofit projects with participating colleges and universities in Southeast Michigan.
  3. Schools identify projects of interest and work directly with the nonprofit to modify, finalize, and submit the project proposal.
  4. Ford Fund approves final project submissions and distributes grant funding to the participating universities.