Thirty Under 30

2018 Class of Fellows: Housing, Homelessness & Shelter

Ford’s Thirty Under 30 program is a yearlong course in leadership and philanthropy that matches nonprofits with Ford employees under age 30 in the U.S. and — for the first time — Canada.

Back row (L-R): Ismael Amegashie, Product Development; Jackson Pilutti, Research & Advanced Engineering; Christopher Taylor, Product Development; Eric Hum, Finance; Dominic Gelfuso, Product Development; Kevin Zurek, Product Development Middle row (L-R): Muneeb Hameed, Product Development; Dhivya Srinivasan, Product Development; Shelby Avery, Marketing; Devin McParlane, Marketing; Audrey Lajoie, Ford Motor Credit Company, Ford of Canada; Xander Breg, Product Development; Brendan Webb, Marketing, Ford of Canada; Lani Duffy, Ford Motor Credit Company; Robert Voisin, Manufacturing; Christiana Lumaj, Communications; Steven Lapointe, Marketing, Ford of Canada; Joseph Petite-Homme, Product Development Front row (L-R): Sophia Polansky, Ford Motor Credit Company, Ford of Canada; Daria Urakova, Ford Motor Credit Company, Ford of Canada; Mollie Andor, Manufacturing; Benjamin Schoenleber, Product Development; Sergio Juarez, Product Development; Nevi Kaja, Mobility Solutions; Ford Motor Company Executive Chairman Bill Ford; Westin Pulizzi, Purchasing; Katelyn Hamaker, Ford Motor Credit Company; Patrick Davis, Product Development; Samantha Martens, Human Resources; Aparna Velampudi, Information Technology; Leah Cordero, Finance

Who We Work With

Cass Community Social Services logo

Cass Community Social Services

Detroit, Mich. — serves the community by promoting self-reliance; providing basic needs, including affordable housing; and encouraging community involvement.

Proposed solution — Cass Community Center - a space for individuals to develop critical skills, pursue creative expression and strengthen their community.

Fellows — Leah Cordero, Muneeb Hameed, Christiana Lumaj, Jackson Pilutti, and Joseph R. Petit-Homme Jr.

First Step Shelter logo

First Step Shelter

Plymouth, Mich. — offers free services such as shelter, counseling, legal information, transitional housing and more to those affected by domestic violence.

Proposed solution — Open Homes – an existing platform on AirBnb that could be used to provide additional out-of-shelter housing and increase shelter space at First Step.

Fellows — Molli Andor, Dominic Gelfuso, Samantha Martens, Devin McParlane, and Robert Voisin

Habitat for Humanity - Macomb County logo

Habitat for Humanity - Macomb County

Macomb, Clinton Township, Mich. — builds and repairs homes, while also educating homeowners to improve financial literacy.

Proposed solution — A streamlined application process and strengthened partnerships with the United Way and Macomb Community College could increase skilled labor and potential homeowner applicants.

Fellows — Alexander Breg, Lani Duffy, Eric Hum, Westin Pulizzi, and Dhivya Srinivasan

Ruth Ellis Center logo

Ruth Ellis Center

Highland Park, Mich. — provides short and long-term residential safe space and support services for runaway, homeless and at-risk LGBTQ youth.

Proposed solution — The Digital Platform - a virtual extension of the physical Ruth Ellis Center for the LGBTQ community, allowing members to access safe spaces, mobility opportunities and mentoring.

Fellows — Ishmael Amegashie, Katelyn Hamaker, Sergio Juarez, Nevi Kaja, and Kevin Zurek

SOS South Oakland Shelter logo

SOS (South Oakland Shelter)

Lathrup Village, Mich. — works with a diverse range of people struggling with homelessness providing emergency shelter, housing assistance programs and basic needs services.

Proposed solution — Ride-sharing Service — providing freedom of movement to the clients of South Oakland Shelter, enabling them to go to and from the shelter to access services.

Fellows — Shelby Avery, Patrick Davis, Benjamin Schoenleber, Christopher Taylor, and Aparna Velampudi

United Way of Halton & Hamilton logo

United Way of Halton & Hamilton

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada — ensures essential programs and services work together to improve lives and build community.

Proposed solution — Mobile Resource and Awareness Center – this center has the ability to visit communities, providing information, awareness and basic services to those in need.

Fellows — Audrey Lajoie, Steven Lapointe, Sophia Polansky, Daria Urakova, and Brendan Webb