2016 Class of Fellows: Basic Needs

Ford’s Thirty Under 30 program is a yearlong course in leadership and philanthropy that matches nonprofits with Ford employees under age 30 in the U.S.

Back row (L-R): James Ping, Product Development; Michael Kelly, Mobility Solutions; Lizzie Smith, Marketing; Gabriel Blanco, Product Development; Jack Owen, Manufacturing; Michael Moore, Manufacturing; Scott Georges, Product Development; Harrison Crum, Marketing; PJ Wascher, Information Technology; Fatima Kebe, Manufacturing Middle row (L-R): Meredith Citkowski, Product Development; Kristine Guzak, Sustainability, Environment & Safety Engineering; Olivia Detroyer, Finance; Shelby Smith, Marketing; Jacqueline Wolverton, Finance; Kayla Zurawski, Product Development; Kendra White, Product Development; Ford Motor Company Executive Chairman Bill Ford; Mahar (Mark) Samhat, Ford Motor Credit Company; Kelby Wagner, Ford Motor Credit Company; Lindsay Fatherley, Ford Motor Credit Company; Dina Tayim, Research & Advanced Engineering; Clayton Stewart, Purchasing; JaRod Collins, Advanced Manufacturing; Jacqueline Shagena, Finance Front row (L-R): Amy Hall, Human Resources; Roy Yewah, Ford Motor Credit Company; Ginny Mueller, Product Development; Mohamed Mattar, Product Development; Jake Christopherson, Marketing; Jennyfer Darling, Information Technology


Who We Work With


Detroit, Mich., provides hope to the hopeless, abused, and disadvantaged of the community.

Team A proposed solution– Built the “Who Cares?” app - designed to connect volunteers, nonprofits and corporations with an emphasis on the positive influence of your social network. Features include: specified giving and volunteer opportunities, easy to filter calendar, and an option to invite friends and co-workers to join you in volunteering.

Fellows: Gabriel Blanco, Olivia DeTroyer, Scott Georges, Fatima Kebe, and Mark Samhat

Team B proposed solution– Created the NextGen board - designed to harness the ideas and influences of a younger philanthropic audience - for participatory engagement of potential volunteers and donors at established nonprofits, such as Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries.

Fellows: Jake Christopherson, Shelby Smith, Clayton Stewart, Jacqueline Wolverton, and Roy Yewah


Southfield, Mich., serving the Detroit area since 1887, the Eastern Michigan Division of the Salvation Army supports those in need within the region.

Team A proposed solution– Developed a comprehensive strategy to engage millennials in volunteering by understanding the “quick and easy” preferences of a younger generation. This team planned micro-volunteering events, occurring on-site at large workplaces and/or in popular public spaces, including sandwich-making at Ford Motor Company.

Fellows: Meredith Citkowski, Mike Moore, Jack Owen, Dina Tayim, and Kelby Wenger

Team B proposed solution– This team formed a plan to bring the story of the Salvation Army to potential volunteers and donors in a participatory way, using an annual calendar of signature events - each highlighting a unique piece of the nonprofit’s work – as a way for teams of volunteers to be engaged with a heavy emphasis on fun. Events included a Holiday Santa 5k and Day Camp for Adults.

Fellows: JaRod Collins, Lindsey Fatherly, Amy Hall, James Peng, and Jacqueline Shagena


Detroit, Mich., works for universal success and prosperity in Southeastern Michigan by focusing donor contributions on strategies in Education, Economic Prosperity and Health.

Team A proposed solution– Striving to build knowledge around the work of nonprofits and create an easy way for employee donors to support it, this team launched an employee communications strategy which offered a multi-phase approach for implementation within a corporate structure, fostering a sustainable culture shift within the company.

Fellows: Mike Kelly, Mohamed Mattar, Ginny Mueller, Lizzie Smith, and Kayla Zurawski

Team B proposed solution– Created a transparent volunteer to donor connection process for United Way to attract and grow relationships with volunteers through project-specific, impact-driven giving.

Fellows: Harrison Crum, Jennyfer Darling, Krissy Guzak, P.J. Wascher, and Kendra White